Jun 9, 2022
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Introducing Payhawk's new API integration with NetSuite

Illustration showing the connection between Payhawk and NetSuite
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Payhawk now has a direct ERP integration with NetSuite. Finance teams can now enjoy a seamless payment, expense management, and bookkeeping process. Learn more in the article!

As a corporate cards provider and expense management software, Payhawk ticks a lot of boxes. We can make payments feel easy, give employees and administrators a great experience, automate tedious manual tasks for finance teams with OCR technology, and help provide real-time visibility over company spending.

Customers use Payhawk to streamline their financial operations, but we're not the only tool in their belt. Most customers also use Enterprise Resource Planning systems to manage their accounting, among other tasks. Our solution must connect and integrate with various ERPs, accounting, and bookkeeping software to help our customers have a single, joined-up spending and accounting experience.

NetSuite is one of the most popular ERPs on the market, particularly for enterprise businesses. After several feedback sessions with our customers, we understood that a direct integration with NetSuite was crucial. We're proud to be the first company in Europe within the commercial card and expense management sector to offer this native integration.

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What does our updated NetSuite integration mean for our customers?

The new NetSuite integration is automatic and works via an API connection. Customer expense data is transferred immediately and automatically from Payhawk, meaning no manual entry and no errors.

Customers using NetSuite will discover three major benefits when selecting Payhawk as their commercial card and expense management solution. The integration does the following:

  • Enables the month-end process to be quicker and less stressful because reconciliation within the ERP can happen continuously throughout the month as spend data is uploaded from Payhawk, rather than doing it in bulk at month-end
  • Eliminates manual data uploads
  • Creates an automatic and real-time data transfer to NetSuite (including all invoice and receipt fields), enabling real-time reporting and analytics on spend

Why have we introduced a direct integration with NetSuite?

Many of our customers are fast-growing scaleups, like us. These businesses often kick off their startup journey using an accounting system or ERP designed for smaller companies. However, as they expand, they often outgrow these systems quite quickly and decide to switch to more sophisticated ERPs like NetSuite.

As of the launch of our updated integration in June 2022, we're the only spend-management solution in Europe with a NetSuite direct integration fit for the needs of Enterprise businesses.

Many of our competitors integrate with NetSuite, but it's an indirect/manual integration and requires pre-processing. The integration can have accurate bookkeeping, but some of the invoice data is missing once transferred to the ERP, such as VAT number or invoice date.

At Payhawk, we wanted to reduce the manual data entry and improve data accuracy by 100% for our customers using NetSuite; for this reason, all of the information from the invoices and receipts is transferred in one click to the ERP.

Moreover, as information flows continuously between the two systems, all native reporting in NetSuite allows finance managers to access real-time spend data whenever they need it.

Discover how expense management and easy bookkeeping can go hand in hand at your business. Book a demo.

Payhawk is not a partner of Oracle NetSuite. Nothing in this text should be construed as or purports to be Payhawk announcing an official partnership or any other kind of a formal relationship with Oracle NetSuite. The contents of this blogpost reflect Payhawk's technical capability to support its customers with their Oracle NetSuite integration and by no means represent joint marketing efforts between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite.

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