17 May 2024
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New feature: Control who can interact with your supplier field

An accountant using Payhawk's New Supply Chain Management Feature
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Introducing a brand new supplier management feature: The optional supplier field. Find out how to control who interacts and amends information in the new field to keep supplier data accurate and supply chain processes streamlined.

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    Streamlined supplier management makes everything easier. Improving your supplier management process can benefit everything, from paying repeat suppliers faster and getting accurate expense data to syncing it with your ERP directly and even automating invoice management.

    The problem? If you enter the wrong supplier information, you can delay your entire process (even if you have a fantastic tech stack). One little mistake in the supplier field might require financial controllers to solve the problem, taking time away from more important financial activities like business forecasting or planning.

    The good news? Our new supply chain management feature gives admins and accountants more control over the supplier management process, ensuring accurate supplier information at all times.

    Transform the way you spend with integrated procure-to-pay features

    The vital role of supplier management features

    As a corporate spend manager, your job depends on accessing accurate and available spend data. Without accurate supplier information, you can’t pay timely invoices, mitigate procurement risks, or control spending. In severe cases, frequent mistakes can even hinder your supplier relationships.

    To avoid these problems, you need a system that effortlessly syncs with your ERP to generate a single source of truth. A system that also lets you create and delete suppliers quickly and easily using smart auto-fill to remove repetitive data entry and speed up the entire supplier management process.

    A rundown of Payhawk’s supplier management features

    Considering supplier management software? Let us quickly run through you through some of our features:

    • Accurate supplier information: Supplier information is always kept accurate thanks to automatic syncs with many of the most popular ERPs thanks to our integrations
    • Auto-populate supplier details: Supplier details are automatically completed, making bookkeeping quicker and more simplistic for everyone
    • Our audit log encourages compliance and accountability: You can see who added or changed supplier details, reducing business fraud and improving database accuracy
    • Custom approval workflows: If supplier invoices require specific approvals, create custom workflows to suit your organisation and help you streamline invoice management, accounts payable, and fund requests

    Introducing the latest supplier management feature at Payhawk

    This brings us to our latest supplier management feature update: customisable supplier fields. These fields let you control who can and can’t see them and decide when they need to be filled out to continue the expense

    So, if you don’t want employees to see or interact with the supplier field (or if it’s not relevant to the expense type), you now have the option to hide it from everyone but admins and accountants.

    Admins can now toggle the requirement ON/OFF for supplier field input during expense review. This allows flexibility in cases where supplier information might not be relevant for coworkers to add (on card expenses or employee reimbursements, for example).

    Please note that the supplier field will always be required for bank transfers.

    You can implement the customisations on a group level, too. Simply navigate to your Group Settings → Expense fields → Supplier.

    What problem do we solve with our latest supplier management feature?

    Giving everyone permission to access the supplier field can be complex. Employees don’t always know the right supplier selection, so your company might prefer to leave this decision to the reviewer instead.

    Not every expense type needs a supplier field, including card transactions or reimbursements. Our new feature allows you to decide which expense types need a supplier field rather than asking all cardholders to fill in this information.

    Your administrators, like your accountants and controllers, already have enough on their plate without needing to fix any wrong supplier info their non-finance colleagues have just entered. By restricting who can edit and access the supplier field, you can always input accurate supplier information and minimise errors.

    Supercharge supplier management with Payhawk

    Supplier management just got easier. Now with Payhawk, you can automate data entry, sync your supplier data, and always maintain accurate supplier data.

    If you’re looking for a reliable supplier management software stack, you’ll find a complete supplier management system with Payhawk. Find out more on our procure-to-pay page.

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