Visa Cards Fees - USD (US clients)

Last modified Apr 10, 2024

Transaction fees
POS fee Domestic No Fee
POS fee International* No Fee
Loading fees via bank transfer No Fee
ATM withdrawal Domestic 2.99% + 5.00 USD
ATM withdrawal International* 2.99% + 5.00 USD
Balance inquiry at ATM No fee
Balance check (Mobile app or web portal) No Fee
Customer funds refund Domestic No Fee
Customer funds refund International* No fee
Chargeback fee** 25.00 USD
Other fees
Late Payment Fee 4% per annum above the Fed funds' rate from time to time.
3D Secure enrollment No Fee
SMS notification No Fee
Physical card shipment with first-class mail

Discount available for bulk card shipping - contact your Payhawk representative for more information.

10.00 USD
FX rate 2.99%

*International means transactions in a currency different from your card currency.
**In some cases, additional scheme fees may apply.