1 Mar 2023
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Video: Understanding Payhawk’s corporate card controls

Employee paying with Payhawk corporate credit card at the checkout
Quick summary

Corporate cards with in-built controls can let businesses empower their employees to spend as they need for work, avoid lengthy reimbursements, connect with expense management software, and offer real-time visibility over spend — without giving up any control.

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    Card controls explained

    Why you need corporate card controls

    Company cards with in-built controls are important for businesses for several reasons, including:

    • Fraud prevention: Corporate card controls can help prevent fraud by limiting the types of transactions that can be made with the card. For example, a business can set limits on the amount of money that can be spent per transaction or per day, restrict the types of merchants that the card can be used at, or require pre-authorisation for certain types of transactions.
    • Expense management: By using corporate card controls, businesses can manage employee expenses more easily. They can track spending by employee or department, and monitor spending in real-time to ensure that employees are staying within their budgets.
    • Compliance: Corporate card controls can help businesses comply with internal and external policies and regulations. For example, businesses can set limits on the amount of money that can be spent on travel or entertainment expenses, which can help ensure that expenses are reasonable and necessary.
    • Cost savings: By using corporate card controls, businesses can potentially save money by negotiating better deals with vendors or by taking advantage of rewards programs offered by credit card companies.

    Overall, corporate card controls help businesses reduce risk, improve efficiency, and save money by providing greater visibility and control over employee expenses.

    Save time, take control & boost visibility with Payhawk corporate cards

    How can Payhawk card controls help your business manage spend?

    At Payhawk, our spend management solution including corporate credit cards, AP, expense management, and more, lets you manage your business spend with proactive and reactive controls, including:

    • Setting limits around single transactions, hierarchies, and expense types
    • Blocking cards
    • Freezing cards
    • Deleting cards
    • Creating secure approval flows
    • Designing multi-step approvals
    • Setting cards limits for individuals, team, and in bulk
    • Issuing risk-free, zero balance cards (and assign approval workflows for fund requests)
    • Limiting offline spend (especially useful for logistics where cards have been issued for petrol and sundries only)
    • Turning off ATM withdrawals
    • And more

    Watch the video above to hear just some of the ways that Payhawk can help you manage business spend with smart card controls and approval workflows.

    Doing more than setting limits: How to support

    With Payhawk, you can weave your company’s unique spend and expense policies directly into the card and app to supercharge compliance. And because adoption is so high, you can feel confident that your cost-conscious policies are being followed to the letter.

    Issuing company cards (with the right governance) can keep your business agile, without giving up control. Ready to talk about how Payhawk can help control spend at your business? Book a demo today.

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