Sep 14, 2023
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Free insurance for Payhawk corporate Visa cards in the EEA

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Free Travel Insurance: Now on Payhawk Corporate Visa Cards In The EEA
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Do you have employees regularly travelling for business? As a business, you have a duty of care, whether protecting and supporting colleagues around theft, illness, or more. At Payhawk, we now offer an additional layer of personal security for employee business trips for cards issued in the EEA. And the best bit? Customers don’t have to sign up for anything; it’s up and running in the background for no extra cost or effort.

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    Worry-free business travel

    Travelling can be stressful, but having travel insurance means employees don't have to secure adequate insurance for their trip, and business travel execs or finance managers don't have to trawl the internet looking for suitable providers for each trip, either. Instead, it's all under one travel policy.

    Travelling for business can be unpredictable, so it's always best to cover your employees should the worst happen. Not only does corporate travel insurance give employees the necessary peace of mind, but it also protects the organisation against any unforeseen costs and legal fees.

    For EEA Payhawk customers, our new travel insurance is 100% free with our Visa cards. That means one less thing for you to set up and worry about.

    *Learn what it does and doesn’t cover, how to make a travel claim and more below. *

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    What is Payhawk corporate Visa card travel insurance?

    You have a duty of care to your employees to ensure they feel safe and protected while travelling. Visa card business travel insurance protects your employees should they succumb to health or other issues while away from home. Additionally, personal liability coverage protects your company from legal exposure during their business trip.

    Travel insurance for business trips means unexpected events are no longer panic-inducing, giving your employees the freedom to travel with peace of mind.

    What is covered?

    Our free Visa card travel insurance covers employees at EEA businesses for various unexpected events. These events include anything from minor inconveniences such as lost or damaged luggage, trip cancellation, and curtailment to emergency medical treatment, legal, and other travel expenses.

    Payhawk corporate Visa card travel insurance coverage

    Payhawk corporate Visa card business travel insurance tablePayhawk corporate Visa card business travel insurance table
    Please note: Insurance is available only for Payhawk cards issued in EEA.

    It’s essential to understand what your EEA card insurance policy covers. So before your employees set off on their business travels, ensure they take a look at the insurance policy and understand what they should do if they find themselves in difficulty.

    How to activate Visa card travel insurance

    Payhawk corporate card customer in the EEA? Then, you don’t have to do anything!

    There’s nothing to set up and no additional contracts to sign. It’s already included for you to use for free. This means you immediately have an extra layer of protection against accidents or business travel-associated risks.

    All Payhawk cardholders must do is:

    • Locate the new ‘travel insurance’ tab
    • Click to open and view coverage details
    • Submit a travel insurance claim or call for emergency assistance 24/7

    These details are available via the desktop and app, so you (and your business travellers) have all the important information you need at your fingertips — wherever you are.

    Coverage exclusions and limitations

    As with any insurance policy, you should be aware of a handful of exclusions and limitations.

    Things NOT covered by the Payhawk corporate Visa Card Insurance

    Please see the policy conditions for an exhaustive list of coverage exclusions. In the meantime, here are a handful of things that would prevent you from using the Visa travel insurance:

    • If the employee has committed a crime or criminal offences
    • If accidents occur during the preparation of or participation in crimes or criminal offences
    • Intentional act of the insured or a beneficiary
    • Travelling against well-reported advice
    • Travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner

    Rules and restrictions on travel insurance cover

    As with any policy, there are some rules and restrictions, too. Again, the full details are available in the policy conditions document. But generally, restrictions include:

    • Maximum insured amounts (read the policy conditions for more)
    • In case of medical treatment, hospital admittance or stay, the employee should call the AIG Assistance helpline as soon as possible at +31 (0)10 453 5656. Once they confirm coverage, the expenses can be paid by AIG Assistance to the healthcare provider

    In instances of policy violation, the insured employee must pay the expenses themselves and file an expense claim to the insurance company on their return.

    Making a travel insurance claim

    Making a travel insurance claim is easy in the Payhawk app.

    Navigate to the ‘Travel insurance’ tab from your profile. Select ‘File a claim’ to access the claim registration form directly.

    A screenshot of the Payhawk spend management solution, showing where the free travel insurance button is located.A screenshot of the Payhawk spend management solution, showing where the free travel insurance button is located.
    Getting free EEA insurance with Payhawk - a screenshot from the dashboardGetting free EEA insurance with Payhawk - a screenshot from the dashboard
    File an EEA insurance claim with Payhawk in 3 simple stepsFile an EEA insurance claim with Payhawk in 3 simple steps

    As the insured employee, you should complete the claim registration form, which will ask for information including name, travel dates, policy number, and the reason for filing the claim. You’ll also be asked to upload any documentation supporting the claim, i.e., photos of damaged luggage, itemised bills, doctors’ documentation for medical expenses, or trip cancellation receipts.

    The insurance company might require further clarification. Encourage your employees to familiarise themselves with making a travel insurance claim just in case so you can prevent unnecessary delays should an issue arise.

    The biggest benefits of free Visa card travel insurance

    There are so many benefits Visa card travel insurance can offer you and your employees. Here are just a few to be mindful of

    24/7 emergency assistance

    With your Visa card travel insurance, you can access a 24/7 emergency assistance helpline. Employees can ask questions while they travel and notify the insurance company quickly via phone so they can make payment on their behalf.

    Next steps

    Like the idea of cared for business travellers and increased peace of mind with no extra effort?

    Learn more about Payhawk corporate Visa Card Insurance in a product demo with one of our in-house experts. Book a demo today.

    This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.
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