Get your company spend in sync with DATEV DUO

Combine company cards, employee reimbursements, and automated accounts payable in a single solution with centralised control and governance — and sync live with DATEV Unternehmen Online.

Payhawk is official DATEV marketplace partner

Set yourself up for success

Connect your Payhawk account to your DATEV DUO instance with the help of our user-friendly setup wizard, upload your chart of accounts and activate your live integration to DATEV DUO. Eliminate manual errors and save time with automated expense categorisation and real time exports.

Illustration of how you can get a tailored setup between DATEV and Payhawk out of the box

Categorise spend easily

Bring your DATEV master data where you need it. Use your supplier data, tax codes and categories (KOST1 and KOST2) in Payhawk to automate preparatory accounting and make expense processing a breeze.

Illustration how the classification of the different expenses works

Export in real time and close the month faster

Month-end doesn’t have to wait until the last minute. Export payments as they happen and expenses - once you review them. Find your receipts and invoices in DATEV’s native document storage option Belege Online. Save hours if not days in closing the books.

Illustration of how you can leverage a real-time bidirectional connection

Getting started is easy

Connect DATEV DUO to Payhawk with an easy set-up wizard

Connect Payhawk and DATEV

Follow a quick and easy set-up guide and map you balance accounts with a few clicks.

DATEV and Payhawk data sync for chart of accounts and suppliers

Map your DATEV master data

Bring your DATEV master data on suppliers, tax codes and chart of accounts into Payhawk. Customize your accounting setup even further to meet your needs.

Automated real time exports into Datev

Export into DATEV in real time

Speed up your month end with real-time exports of payments, expenses, receipts and invoices into DATEV.


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Automate manual tasks and close your books 2x faster.