Payhawk + Oracle NetSuite

Automated and direct export of all expense information to Oracle NetSuite.

Payhawk has a direct integration to Oracle NetSuite, allowing you to automatically export all of your expense information straight out to your NetSuite entity.

The information you can export includes:

  • Supplier expenses (bank/card)
  • Reimbursements
  • Transaction information (outgoing/incoming)
  • Incoming deposits

The Payhawk Oracle NetSuite integration is based on native data objects or vendor bills instead of journal entries. The direct integration enables accurate bookkeeping and means that all invoice data is transferred to your ERP, including fields such as VAT number or the invoice date.

The new Oracle NetSuite native integration means data is transferred immediately and automatically from Payhawk, and there are no errors.

The direct integration gives you:

  • Faster month-end process with fewer steps
  • Less stressful month-end process as the reconciliation within the ERP can happen continuously throughout the month, spend data is uploaded from Payhawk, rather than doing it in bulk at month-end
  • Real-time reporting and analytics on spend

More information in our help desk article here.