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6 times better exchange rates

NextGen Cards

Smart cards with built-in spend policies and automated collection of receipts


Plus €8/mo per card


Plus £8/mo per card

  • Physical and virtual Visa Commercial debit cards
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Automated collection of receipts in real-time
  • Multi-level approval for fund requests on cards
  • Spend rules and controls enforced in real-time during transactions
  • Employee, accountant, and manager roles plus team management
  • Your own IBANs in GBP/EUR and exchange between accounts (coming soon)
  • Projects, cost centers and other custom labels
  • Pre-accounting automation with OCR in 60+ languages at €40/mo extra
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Premium Spend

NextGen financial system to control cards, invoices, payments and cash all in one


Plus €8/mo per card


Plus £8/mo per card

NextGen cards plus:


  • Collection and payment of outstanding invoices
  • Bill payments and reimbursements with free SEPA Instant and Faster Payments
  • Pre-accounting automation with OCR in 60+ languages
  • Approval workflow on invoices
  • Smart email inbox that organizes and matches invoices to payments
  • One-click reimbursement to employee’s bank account
  • Out of pocket cash management for employees without cards at €6/active user/month
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Automate all type of expenses across multiple business entities at scale


Starts at 20 cards


Starts at 20 cards

Premium Spend plus:


  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Special onboarding session
  • Long-term contracts at special rates
  • ERP integration to Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and more
  • 24/7 proactive™ support
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Every edition includes

Instant top-up with Faster Payments and SEPA Instant

Live feed to Xero and export to Excel and CSV

First-class delivery of cards in 3 days to any address in Europe at €10

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Questions ? Look Here

What is a user?

Everyone who has access to Payhawk such as a cardholder, accountant or company administrator is classified as a user.

Is there a limit of users?

No, there is no limit. For companies with more than 30 users, please contact sales to get a quote.

Is Payhawk a prepaid card?

No, Payhawk offers Visa Comercial Debit cards. Unlike prepaid cards, Visa Comercial Debit cards are accepted by more than 36 million merchants worldwide incl. car rentals and accommodations.

How do I issue my cards?

You can issue new physical and virtual Visa Comercial Debit cards to your employees from our web portal. Virtual cards are delivered in seconds to an employee’s mobile phone and can be used for online payments only. Physical cards are shipped to your office up to 10 business days. These can be used for any both online and offline payments.

What currencies does Payhawk support?

Right now you can open accounts in EUR and GBP. If you have specific requirements for currencies that are not yet supported contact sales.

Is Payhawk a bank? How can it issue cards?

Payhawk is a technical service provider under the terms of the Payment services (PSD 2) – Directive (EU) 2015/2366. We are registered as an agent to issuing banks that have passports to issue E-money in the European Economic Area (EEA) and are pursuant to license by MasterCard and Visa. Payhawk does not receive, hold, transfer or come into possession of your funds at any time.

How can I transfer funds to my Payhawk card?

To use your Payhawk cards your company needs to have funds in your E-money account maintained by an Issuing bank and opened as part of the Payhawk registration process. A standard way of funding the account is via bank wire. Your funds are securely held in Saxo Bank, Denmark for accounts in GBP, EUR and USD and DSK Bank, Bulgaria for BGN.

Is there a minimum amout I should transfer in my accont?

Yes, the minimum amount per transfer to your account is €1,000, or your currency equivalent.

Do I have to top-up every company card individually?

No, there is no need to load cards individually. All of your cards are attached to one account balance per currency. You can set spend limits on each card.

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