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The Visa card that changes everything

Physical and virtual Visa Commercial debit cards

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Best exchange fees

Exchange fees at 1.25% anywhere in the world, everyday of the week.


ATM rates from €1.50

Withdraw unlimited amount of money everywhere in the world at €1.5 or 1.5% fixed per withdrawal.


Visa Commercial card

The highest grade virtual and physical Visa debit card accepted everywhere.

The choice of modern Finance leaders

Finance leaders moved away from number crunchers to value drivers. They are at the center of driving business transformation. Empowering their organizations with the tools necessary to achieve new heights.

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Spend policies

Empower your employees with cards you can trust them with. Enforce spend rules and limits directly on cards, and centrally manage hundreds of cards with group policies.


Request & approve

Instantly add funds to cards with a built-in approval system for fund requests. Approvals are based on teams, cost centers, projects or any other custom strategy that you need.


Real-time budgets

Receive real-time information on balances, payments, spend behavior and requests for your entire organization. Consolidated view and management of multiple business entities.


Automated reconciliation

Transactions are matched to expenses in real-time within the Payhawk mobile app to save you time reconciling your month. No more card statements.


Paperless transformation

Payhawk is a certified tax compliant digital archive in several EU countries which means your employees can throw away paper receipts. Transforms your business to paperless administration.


Integration to your accounting systems

Rely on powerful data extraction algorithms to simplify your bookkeeping and push ready to reconcile data straight into Xero, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics and other integrations.

See how our exchange fees compare

Here is a comparison based on a card issued by each vendor in the UK with a balance of £400 spent or withdrawn outside of the UK.

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Estimated exchange fees when spending £400 abroad

Estimated ATM fees for withdrawing £400 abroad