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Feb 23, 2023
Expense management

Mailbox Triage and support for multiple document attachments

  • Our Receipts Mailbox can now process your Emails with multiple attachments and create new expenses or match them to existing ones
  • Keep track of all automatically or manually processed documents through the Receipts Mailbox in your Payhawk Inbox
  • Process unmatched documents in your Payhawk inbox
  • Process unmatched attachments straight from the mobile app
  • No more failed-to-match emails
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Feb 15, 2023
Expense management

Bulk import for accounting master data

You can now import categories and custom fields with a bulk import template. Supporting multi-level hierarchy, this import helps you set up your accounting data fast.

Feb 15, 2023

SOC2 Type 2 Certification

We've obtained SOC2 Type 2 Certification, a voluntary compliance standard developed by AICPA. This certification ensures we manage customer data according to rigorous guidelines, meeting the expectations of enterprise customers and vendor contracts. Benefits include improved information security practices and a competitive advantage in the market.

Jan 23, 2023
Expense management
Control & governance

Mobile Inbox additons

We have added two significant improvements to the mobile inbox experience, which we already support in the Portal:

  • Approvers now have the "Return" option instead of only "Reject"
  • Approvers can now also see the custom fields & expense date for expense requests
Jan 20, 2023
New feature
Corporate cards

Request a card

Allow employees to request a card and define a custom approval flow. Make it easier for employees to spend within policy with requests and approvals available on the portal and the mobile app.

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Jan 5, 2023
New feature
Expense management

Out-of-office mode

For admins, accountants, team managers, or anyone approving expenses on the Payhawk platform: You can now delegate approvals in your absence to ensure things keep running smoothly.

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Payhawk Summer 24 release edition
Customise without compromise

Built to work the way you do, Payhawk’s latest Edition brings more flexibility to the way you manage spend across all your entities.

Image illustrating the advanced approval designer for expenses, invoices, and purchases
Payhawk Spring 24 release edition
Enterprise cards at scale

Reach new heights of global card management with Visa credit cards in euros, advanced card limits, and integrations with more than 50 HR systems. Plus ten more new features to further shorten your month-end.

Corporate credit cards now available in the EEA