NATIVE TRAVELPERK INTEGRATION Simplify business travel expenses. Everywhere.

Book your trip, reconcile all your travel expenses and access real time data all in one place with Payhawk's one-click integration with TravelPerk.

automatic invoice matching
global payment coverage
faster month-end close

Why choose Payhawk x TravelPerk


Connect TravelPerk across all your entities

Connect TravelPerk and our multi-entity management dashboard in less than one minute. Choose travel expense managers within your Payhawk users to manage TravelPerk invoices.

Illustration showing how easy is to choose travel expense manager

Book your travel with ease

Access a world-class inventory where you can book and manage all your flights, trains, hotels, and much more. Plus, enjoy TravelPerk's built-in travel policy, refunds, and 24/7 support.

Illustration showing that you can manage everything related to your business trip from one place

Get all your spend and travel data automatically matched

Enjoy invoice fetching every hour from TravelPerk to Payhawk, no matter how the trip is paid. Payhawk supports instant card payments by cards and bank transfers via monthly or weekly invoices.

Illustration of how you can get all spend and travel data automatically matched

Forget expense reports. Forever.

After your business trip, there's no need to worry about expense reports. With the Payhawk mobile app, travelers can effortlessly submit receipts on the go. Plus, Payhawk's mileage and per diem features consolidate all your travel expenses in one place.

Illustration showing how easy is to do your travel expense reports

Keep travel costs under control

Payhawk and TravelPerk policies and customizable approval processes help keep travel expenses within budget, ensuring cost-effective travel management.

Illustration of how custom approval workflows work
Sonia Gómez, Accounting Manager at The Power Business School

The truth is that having Payhawk integrated with Travelperk is fantastic. Trips are booked from their platform and the entire itinerary is in the same place. Furthermore, instead of having a thousand receipts, we have a single invoice per trip, which makes life easier for the entire financial department.

Sonia Gómez, Accounting Manager at The Power Business School

How does the integration work

Easily connect Payhawk with TravelPerk and start booking your trip. Pay with your Payhawk card, personal card, or via bank transfer with monthly or weekly TravelPerk invoices.

Illustration showing how the Payhawk and TravelPerk integration workIllustration showing how the Payhawk and TravelPerk integration work

Hear from our customers managing travel expenses with Payhawk x TravelPerk

Payflow - logo

"We often work with TravelPerk when we need a plane ticket or hotel. And because it's integrated with Payhawk, it saves us a ton of time because people don't even have to upload a receipt. Everything is integrated!"

Benoît Menardo
Benoît Menardo
Payflow Co-founder
porsche eBike Performance logo

"We didn't have a system that let employees submit their trip expenses easily. And we wanted to find a solution that allowed employees to use corporate cards, apply for a daily allowance, upload all of their travel and work expenses, and get fast approvals."

Gabriela Leovac
Gabriela Leovac
Accountant at Porsche e-Bikes

"As we grew and started travelling more, we needed to track spending more efficiently, roll out our flexible expense policies, and achieve lower FX fees."

Jorge Lluch
Jorge Lluch
Co-founder & COO at Abacum


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