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Scalefocus is a European IT solutions delivery center. Focused on crafting technology excellence, R&D and innovation in the domains of Digital, Data and Cloud.

Started using Payhawk
September 2019
Features they love
  • Card management
  • Paperless
Iliyana Krushkova, CFO of Vicio reviewing Payhawk's spend management platform

“We are optimizing the time of our accounting team, they don’t have to do paperwork with banks, it is very easy to administer rights and limits from the web platform. This is really empowering! “

Iliyana Krushkova, CFO
Scalefocus team on Payhawk's corporate cardsScalefocus team on Payhawk's corporate cards

Scalefocus provides tailored software solutions and services that empower businesses to grow and meet the challenges of tomorrow. A worldwide organization with a global perspective and a proven track record in creating and accelerating innovations for companies in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Bringing together a world-class engineering team and industry expertise Scalefocus helps businesses navigate the technology maze in Healthcare, Fintech, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, IT, Logistics, E-Commerce & Retail, Manufacturing and others.

Their intelligently designed solutions result from a constant drive for technology excellence and the experience they’ve gained from 500+ successfully completed projects in 26 countries for 300+ clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, and established leaders across a variety of industry verticals.

Life before Payhawk

Scalefocus and Payhawk partnered in September 2019. Previously, Scalefocus used conventional banks, but their complex processes for managing cards made them look for an alternative solution. For a company with more than 800 employees, who traveled frequently, this was a constant headache.

Card issuance made simple

“The challenge of using bank cards was that there are very complicated to manage. For every employee change, for every new card to be re-issued, or to delete/terminate a card because somebody left the company, there was a significant amount of paperwork that needed to be completed. This took a lot of time.

In addition, for a simple credit card limit increase, we needed to get approval by the Bank and internal approval by our board of directors, this created a lot of overhead and nobody of us was fond of having these cumbersome processes.”

"With an organizational culture focused on online processes, Scalefocus tries to keep paper documentation to the bare minimum. In alignment with these values, Payhawk has offered a great solution for managing cards, invoices, and expenses."

Furthermore, changes in the accounting and tax legislation in Bulgaria in the last years have helped a lot. It is no longer required to keep paper invoices and documents, as keeping a digital copy is now sufficient.

The finance solution for remote teams

“After switching to remote work during the pandemic, using Payhawk for payments instead of our traditional banks really helped.” Iliyana mentions they did not need to go through any process as before. All they need, like adding users, issuing cards, or raising spend limits, is done on the Payhawk platform with a few clicks.

"Having this accessibility was very important for us to be completely remote."

“Before Payhawk, we were reimbursing travel expenses to most of the frequent travelers. This took a lot of time and is not a fair policy for the employees. If we adopt Payhawk fully, we will be able to do the trip expense report in real-time. Now we wait up to 2/3 weeks until employees are back to have all the tickets and the expense report. We are eager to optimize this process.”

Less admin work for the whole team

In terms of reducing the time of invoicing processing, we do have some improvement. Payhawk cardholders are uploading the documents directly to the platform and including themselves important information for our internal management like cost center or project or budget category. This can be chosen in the app and with the predefined lists, they can quickly choose what is applicable and save email chains with the accounting team.

Great FX rates

As the team started to travel again, Scalefocus has taken full advantage of Payhawk FX rates. This was a real cost-saver, as most of their trips are in the US. According to Iliyana,

"It will be super beneficial to use Payhawk instead of using personal cards, as the exchange rates are horrific!"

With Payhawk you can avoid currency exchange fees completely by issuing a card in the same currency as your transaction. Even for transactions in currencies different than your card currency, our clients can save up to 6 times on exchange rate fees.

If you have the same issues as Scalefocus dealing with traditional banks, you can read more about how Fintechs are making the lives of business and consumers easier in our latest ebook. Or if you are ready to learn how we can help you book a demo with us.

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