Payhawk joins the e-Residency marketplace

E-residency members can now simplify their payment processes and easily issue an European IBAN with Payhawk.

What is E-residency?

E-residency is a program that allows entrepreneurs to start and run an EU-based company online. The digital identity is issued by the government of Estonia - the first country to offer e-residency in the EU. The digital residency allows entrepreneurs to manage their business from everywhere, entirely online.

What are the benefits of the partnership?

Business Banking & payments

Payhawk provides European IBANs for easy payment processing in EUR and GBP. Forget the hassle of opening a traditional bank account! The whole process is handled online.

Virtual & Physical company cards

Pay on-the-go or manage subscriptions easier with Payhawk’s Visa cards. Choose between virtual and physical company cards or issue both depending on your needs.

Smart expense management

Digitalise all your expenses in real-time and never lose receipts again. Your transactions are reconciled with all receipts on the spot - no annoying manual paper work needed any more.

Premium services remotely

No matter where you are located, Payhawk offers first class customer service all around Europe with offices in 6 countries. Schedule a demo with our experts now!

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How it works?

Get started in 3 simple steps


As an E-residency member, you can simply schedule a demo with our experts who will guide you through our product and services offerings.


You choose the package that best fits your needs. As a little gift and exclusive partnership bonus, we offer you a 10% discount on our regular pricing. Just mention your e-residency during the product demo.


Once you have applied for a Payhawk account online, our compliance team will review your company and information. Once successful, your account will be ready within 24h!